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Insta 360 One X .2 : More Then 20 Things You Need To know

  The ONE X2 is here!

finally. Many were expecting it to be released at the start of the year,but we got the ONE R instead. Which was end is a good 360 an action action camera hybrid. But with the release is the ONE X2 just nine months later,is this really a step up? Or, is it just another step sideways? Or sideways and up orside ways and up and then down? I'll give you my initial thoughts on this, how it compares to the ONE Rand 21 things you need to know about the ONE X2 by the end of this video. The first thing I want to share is that, unfortunately this is not a major, major update like we were all expecting, I think many people were hoping for an 8K 360 video camera. Well, unfortunately we don't have that. In fact so many things are similar with this camera and even this camera that I just want you to manage your expectations a bit, 'cause this isn't going to be a big upgrade, frowny face. But, there are some cool new things and improvements that the ONE X needed. When it was first released, there were so many thingswe didn't like about it. Well, we're actually getting them now with a ONE X2. Let's start with thedesign, as you can see they're very similar, they're basically thesame height and width, and it's a really goodcamera design to begin with. So I'm actually kinda happythat they've gone back to the original ONE X design, for people that like a handheld verticalcamera like the ONE X was. And then what they'vedone is, improved on some of the things peoplewere complaining about. The first one being thetiny little LED screen, that was hard to read in bright sunlight. Well with the ONE X2, there'snow a much bigger colour screen, that is much morevisible in bright sunlight and it's relatively easy to navigate around with your finger. I will stress relatively,sometimes it's easy sometimes it's really hard. How cool is it though? It's like a little submarine window and you can basically control the camera change the settings and whatnot by swiping in the various directions. Is this screen usable without a phone? No, but it is a step up from the ONE R this tiny little square screen is really difficult to use. So yeah, overall I thinkthe screen is definitely an improvement from theONE R and the ONE X. Something else exciting isthat the ONE X2 is waterproof, without needing any housing. It's got rubber around the sides and everything seems pretty airtight, including the button. So the on button is here on the side and the main control buttonis down the bottom here. And these are rubber buttons. And I'd say that these work even better than the standard non waterproof ones. Cheese! I don't know they just feelmore satisfying to press. But yeah, it's waterproof to 10 minutes, without the need for an external housing, Which is cool and all, butit still will need a housing, if you wanna stitch 360 video and photos properly underwater, which is a problem thatall 360 cameras face. So I would only reallytake this into account, if you're shooting near thewater or above the water, or if you're onlyshooting in one direction, when you're underneath the water. Something that people didn't like about the original ONE X,myself included, is the battery. It's kinda hard to take out and I feel like this couldbreak if you pulled it too hard. Well, with the ONE X2 it's much easier. You just pull it out like this and it's a much bigger battery as well. This holds about 30% morecharge, than the original ONE X. And it goes back in like this, and now the camera is waterproof again. Another thing people didn'tlike about the original ONE X, is it's micro USB charging, whereas with the ONE X2, it's USB-C. Welcome to 2020, as muchas it pains me to say that. And for anyone who's hadexperience with the latch of the ONE R, this one isnowhere near as annoying. The final thing to point outis, it has four microphones, one on each side of the camera, which means it capturesfull 360 spatial audio. And it's supposed to have better audio than the previous Insta360 cameras. I haven't tested this fully yet. But, I could say with confidencethat it's not going to be on the level of a GoPro camera. I tested the ONE R side byside with the Hero 9 Black and the GoPro came outhead and shoulders above the ONE R when it came to sound quality. And I can't really see toomuch changing with this. It should be pretty decent though, so I will have to test this further. And now for the specs,and I'm sorry to say, but there has been no upgrade at all since the ONE R or ONE X was released. We've got exactly the same resolutions and frame rates for all three cameras. W T F, yeah I know right! Like why? That's what we all wanted. We wanted an 8K camera or not even 8K, that's a lot of resolution. What about 7K or 6K or even 5.8 K? Just 0.1 of a K more, no. we've got the exact sameresolutions for photo and video. I can't quite grasp why exactly,maybe there's limitations with having a camera this small. But I really was expectingsome kind of upgrade, when it came to the overallphoto and video resolutions, and while, image and videosize isn't everything, there are other thingsthat can override that like good dynamic range,having a better sensor, better raw capabilities anda whole bunch of other stuff. But it would have been niceto see the resolutions go up, even just a little bit to see that things are improving over the past two years, but we're still at thesame resolutions we were at when the original ONE X cameout in 2018, and I can't help but being a little bitdisappointed by that. They are saying though that the ONE X2 has better quality videothan the ONE R and ONE X. And from the tests I've done so far, I can't say it's a nightand day difference. Maybe it's tiny bit better,but it's nothing noticeable. I did play around with theHDR video mode of the ONE X2 however, and that wasextremely impressive, and so much better thanshooting standard video in the standard video mode. It is best however, whenyou're using the camera on a tripod or monopod, when there's too much shake, it struggles shooting HDR video cause when you think aboutit, it's doing a lot. When it's taking a HDR video, it's basically combining threedifferent video exposures together simultaneously,while you're shooting. And that is really complicated to do, even with high-end cinema cameras. But yeah, on a tripod, thisvideo footage looks really really good, especially in the context of pointing and shoot 360 cameras, and how those have looked over the years. Insta360 are also saying thatthe colours have been enhanced with the ONE X2 and maybeit's a slight improvement. I still, wouldn't say that the colours are 100% accurate to real life. They just look a little bit off. It feels like the camerastill doesn't have the bit depth to fully captureall the colours, it needs to to represent colour accurately. But you know what? It's good enough, and it's aslight improvement overall. Okay, on a more serious note, you're probably wonderinghow the ONE X2 compares to the most recent Insta360release, which is the ONE R. Well, I put them side by side here next to this giant wooden thing. And, as you can see thefootage looks really similar. Maybe there's more contrast and saturation on the right hand side,but that is pretty easy to add in colourcorrection with the ONE R, and at 500% zoom, I'm alsonot seeing any differences when it comes to sharpness and clarity. Here's the HDR video side by side. They both look really good. Their dynamic range is very impressive. Maybe it's slightlybetter with the ONE X2, I'd say my face is probablya bit brighter there, so okay, I'm gonna give it to the ONE X2, but overall I think they'reboth doing a really good job. And the reason I didn'tinclude the original ONE X in this comparison is, thatin previous comparisons, I determined that the ONE R and ONE X look pretty much identical. Here's something that's completely unique to the ONE X2, they've added their Pureshot mode, which was previously only available with the ONE R one inch edition. And what that does, is it basically takes a nine shot bracketed HDR RawShot, combines it all together into one ultra high dynamic range photo. It's all done in the cameraand you don't have to edit it, that much later on. Pureshot is now the default photo mode, when shooting 360 photos with a ONE X2, and I think this is an excellent thing, and it really takes Insta360photos to the next level. Is that on the level of the Theta Z1? No, the Z1 is still theKing of 360 photography in late 2020, early 2021. But what this pureshot mode does, is, it really does help youget the best results possible for 360 photos within this camera. Now I wouldn't choose thisas a virtual tour camera, unless you're onlyshooting for small clients, or if your focus is videoand you just need a bit of photo on the side, then it's okay. But, if you really are goingto start targeting virtual tour clients and you wanna scaleup a virtual tour business, this won't be the camera to do it. Now there's no question, Insta360are very good at marketing and they can make a verybasic and common feature seem like a groundbreaking newaddition to their new camera. And I just want to warn you about that. They've added a bunch ofnew things "new things" to the ONE X2, that really aren't new. And they're older thingsthat we could do before, but they've just repackaged them and made them a bit simplerto do within the app, but they aren't actually new. One of them is calledInstaPano where they say that the 360 cameratakes a panoramic image, that isn't a 360 photo, but more in line with what a traditionalpanorama would look like. Well, all they did; was just crop in on the equirectangular image, that's it. I don't think that's agroundbreaking feature. And I can't imagine whowould use this mode. Another one is their steady cam feature, where they're pushing thefact that a 360 camera can shoot a video that looks like it was taken on a steady cam. And while that's true,this is nothing new. Maybe they're making ashortcut, to do it in their app, but this is something youcan do with all 360 cameras, including all of theirprevious 360 cameras. It's just the basic concept of reframing 360 video in one direction. Another one that has reallyannoyed me over the years, is the invisible selfie stick. Oh my God, it's invisible!Where did it go? Hey, guess what? All 360 cameras have blindspots directly underneath them, which makes any selfie stickinvisible with any 360 camera. It's not unique to Insta360 cameras, and I really don't think thisshould be marketed anymore, as one of the key features. So yeah, just be mindfulthat a lot of the things, they're showing with theirmarketing videos, can be done with basically any of their cameras, you could do them with the ONE R. You could do them with the original ONE X or even the Insta360 Evo. They can all do many ofthe effects that you see in those flashy marketing videos. And look, this is a commonthing that many companies do with the new camera releases, GoPro, I'm looking at you. But, it's just important to recognise that these videos are shot professionally, and the same result couldprobably be achieved with the past fewgenerations of their cameras. Now, Insta360 has alsoadded some cool new effects to the ONE X2 app, and thesecan all be achieved easily within shot lab, within theapp and there's no doubt they're really cool andit's a really fast process to make these, as you may have seen in one of my previous videos. So, they've added moreof these with the ONE X2. However, this also begs the question - Is what they're doing, ethical? And what they're doing is, coming up with these reallycreative and fun effects, but limiting them to certaincameras, even when all of the cameras are capable of doing them, they'll market them asexclusive to certain cameras. This happened with the ONE R and ONE X. I released a video to mychannel showing 10 cool effects that were added to the ONE R and at the time I made it, you could also do them with the ONE X. Yes, they weren't officially promoting it. And technically youweren't supposed to do it. It was more of a workaroundthat I found and shared. But it worked, literallyall of the effects worked, as they did with the ONE R, and eventually Insta360 stopped the use of the ONE X inside the ONE R app when they released a unified Insta360 app. And as you can imagine, alot of people were upset by this, because this was awork around that clearly worked with the ONE X and they stoppedthe use of that work around. And now it feels like theymight be moving towards the same strategy withthe ONE R and ONE X2. Now firstly, I wanna to say that these cameras havemore in-built effects and cool things you can do, than basically every other360 camera on the market. So there's no question, Insta360 are clearly overdelivering with their products and they keep continuallyreleasing new cool updates, that were never there, whenthe cameras first arrived. But when you have a certaineffect that can clearly be done, but, they just choose to offer it with one camera and not another. I see that as ethically tricky territory. I mean, I totally understandif one camera literally wasn't capable ofachieving certain effects, but, it really does seem like all of the recent Insta360cameras have the same insides, and therefore capable of doing basically the same stuff within the apps. Now, while they're notconsciously taking away features, because as I said, thosefeatures were never offered with the ONE X, it is apparentthat they're being strategic with which affects they allowwith each of their cameras. Just something to think about. Now, I wanna quickly touch on workflows and with ONE X2, it's verysimilar to the workflow we've been using with the ONE R and ONE X, where there's a fantastic mobile app, fantastic desktop software,that allows you to do hundreds of cool effects and reframingof your 360 videos and photos. It's all quick and easyand Insta360 are leaders when it comes to work flow. There are also some newaccessories that have come out with the ONE X2; sparebattery, fast charge hub another battery, lens cap,and a bullet time cord. They used to use ahandle on a selfie stick. So now it's going back to the code. Those are pretty good accessories and, no doubt there'll be more to come. And one of those will be lens guards, which is an important thing foranyone that owns 360 camera, you always know when you go out shooting with your 360 camera,that there's a chance it could blow over in thewind and smash a lens. Ask me how I know. So yeah, it will be interestingto see how effective the lens guards are and if they lower the quality of the shots at all. Now for the price it's 429 us dollars, which is about the same as the ONE R. I'm trying to make sense of this price I guess it makes sense. I mean, you are gettingthat much value for $429. Although, when releasing aproduct that is so similar to their last product, youthink they would have used price as another differentiatorbut yeah, it is what it is, and I think it's still agood price for this camera. Now, I can't help butasking the question of why, why did they release this camera? I mean I think we can all agree that the physical body is much better than the previous ONE X, soit's an improvement there, but for everything else you just feel like they could have addedthose things to the ONE X or the ONE R, I'm not gonna to lie, it was a bit disappointingseeing so few updates with this camera. The new camera design isdefinitely as big as feature. Is it good enough to upgradefrom the ONE X or the ONE R? No, if you own either of these cameras, I'd say don't bother with the ONE X2, because it won't be enough of an upgrade. If you're upgrading froma much older camera, or perhaps you're thinking about buying your first 360 camera, then the ONE X2 will actuallybe a really good option. It's basically the latest and greatest of the ONE X line, whichis clearly going to be a repetitive thing maybenext year or a year from now, or even two years, we'll see the ONE X3. But for now, this is the latest model and a definite buy for anyone that doesn't have 360camera of this caliber. Now, I do totally rate the ONE X2. My issue was, as I discussed before, is that it's not that big of an update, from their previous cameras. That doesn't mean it's not a good camera, it just means that you shouldn't upgrade from their recent cameras. And yeah, that's it! Curiousto hear what your thoughts are on the ONE X2. Let me know down below, I seesome complaints coming in. So that's it for my firstimpressions of the ONE X2. I will definitely be using this over the next few weeks and months, and I'll definitely releasefurther thoughts on this camera as it evolves, as it becomesunique in its own right, and we really understand where it fits in the overall 360 camera hierarchy. So yes, subscribed for those. I hit 100K by the way,that's pretty exciting. I will make a dedicated video about that. Just been busy making this video and doing a million other things. So yeah, more content on my channel soon. Thanks for watching. Really appreciate all of you guys and I'll see you in the next video. 

Insta 360 One X .2 : More Then 20 Things You Need To know Insta 360 One X .2 : More Then 20 Things You Need To know Reviewed by Tech 4 Solutions on November 08, 2020 Rating: 5

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