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Insta 360 One X Lens protector [comparison test & review]

  hi guys this is martin AKA martin thevlogger and today we're gonna talk about thisthese are the lens protectors for the camera insta360 one xand today's video is for everyone who is searching for a good quality of the lensprotector good quality in terms like you will notlose picture quality when recording whoeveris like me who is riding motorbike or bike or doingsome adrenaline sport and you are recordingit with this camera this awesome camera or whoever is recording in environmentwhen your lenses can get damaged or scratched andwhat we will do in today's video well basically i'll show you unpacking so you will see what is inside of the package i will tell you where youcan get these lens protectors and we will do a quick test uh where iwill put it on a bike it's beautiful sunny day so we will ridearound and you will be able to see what is the picture quality basicallywhen the lenses are on lens protectors are on and when the lensprotectors are off last not least i'll tell you why i'mvlogging with these already for some timewhy i'm not using that protector or why i have decided togo for this one and not any cheap alternative that comes fromchina guys if you'd like to find out a little bit more about the bike about thetraveling that i do and crazy places i visithit the subscribe button to my channel have the notifications on because everytime i make a video you are notified and now enough of this let's get startedyou can get them on ebay or through my website the link is down there or it'spopping up right over here or you can just simply write tomartinthevlogger @ i have some of them they are from koreait's a little bit harder to get them so in case you are interested infeel free to ask so quite a nice box but that's not important it's important what is inside soi did this already before so you receive pair of lenses be careful i still havethe the sticker here so they will not scratchand there is also something like a glue around so they will stick nicely to yourcamera but you will also receive its box likethis for you know cleaning camera beforeapplying the lens protectors but it's also importanthowever is that you will receive the pair ofthese so it's a extra twin tape stickerand yeah this is pretty much it now the applicationis very simple um you can use it without thisat least it works for me but in case you would like to be you knowsuper secure this is actually this is actually the the real glue and whenever it's the the dot here youapply it exactly the same way with the dot on the lens protector and you're good to go remove these why i'm not using this diving case wellsimply because of four main reasons first it was very hard forme to operate these buttons are absolutely not userfriendly second i wasn't able to see the displayso i wasn't really really sure if i'm recording the video or i'm doingsome picture shoots or whatever so that wasthe second issue the third one this is a water resistantwaterproof uh cover and it doesn't allow water togo in neither water to go out so if it wasraining and i was riding and then the sun come up and before iwas operating the camera the camera was a little bit wet thiscase was getting foggy and the picture quality was absolutely bad ofcourse i have many times realize it when icame back home and i was doing the post production last not leastthe camera was overheating in this this case and yeah it was draining thebattery now very quickly why i'm using this onebecause i like the style however it's not the most importantthing on the planet uh i like that i can see on the displayi like that i can really easily reach the buttons uh whati also like is that the cover or the lens protectorthere are really small so i can still use myoriginal case and i can protect the cameraso that's that's important um they're quite durablei'm using them for for some time already and i thinki will just need instead of one or pair onefor the whole riding season so now let's compare the video qualitywith the lens protectors on and off and you will see also the area around thestitching before i'll show you the video the videocomparison from the forest um when i came back home i noticed thatthere are a few dots on the video with when there are lensprotectors on it's because there is a dirtunfortunately i was doing several installations in the forestof the lens protectors and yeah there is also my fingerprintso i'm sorry about that but the comparison video should be about ifthere is really a video quality difference um yes you cansee a little bit of the of the lens if thereis certain angle and sun is shining i'm aware of that but that's a smallprice to pay and it's really not happening alwaysnow let me take you to the sun now my honest advice is protect those lenses with whateverit's your call in case you like this product the link is down therelink is popping right over here or just simply write me to martinthevloggeras i said at the beginning of the video in case you would like to find out alittle bit more about the bike behind me in case you would like to find out alittle bit more about videos what i'm doingnow i'm traveling actually around slovakia our beautiful countryhave a look around my channel or subscribe to it and have thenotifications on so you are always informed whenever imake a new video but most importantly most importantlyremember always have fun   

Insta 360 One X Lens protector [comparison test & review] Insta 360 One X Lens protector [comparison test & review] Reviewed by Tech 4 Solutions on November 08, 2020 Rating: 5

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